Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ask The Author

There are some web sites out there dedicated to the Lindbergh Kidnapping.  After the release of my book, Lindbergh researchers and those just interested in the case had a lot of comments, some positive and some negative.  (More positive though -- thank God).  They also have offered many questions such as why I chose certain sources over others, why I focused on one thing and not the other, etc.

I decided to do something that most true crime authors do not and have not done.  I have decided that I will use my site/blog for Hauptmann's Ladder to not only answer their questions, but also to accept more questions.

So, if you have any questions about the Crime of the Century or about my book, fire away. I will answer them as quickly as I can.  Just be patient especially for more detailed and complex questions.

I have one rule, however. I will not tolerate or even post obscenities, insults, or silliness.  I will just delete such comments and questions.  My hope is to make this interesting and fun.