Friday, March 14, 2014

Prominent Author Visits My Signing in Jersey City

The appearance and signing at Word Books was a great success.  Of great importance to me, Robert Zorn, the author of "Cemetery John", a very prominent book about the Lindbergh kidnapping, took time from his busy schedule to come to my event.  He even purchased one of my books and asked me to sign it.

I was extremely flattered and pleased.  Once you have read my book, by all means, check out his book too!!

First Signing a Success

Recently, Carrie Jones Ross, of the Kingston Times interview me about the book.  The Times also covered the 3/2/14 signing at the Kingston Barnes and Noble.

I am happy to report that we sold every single copy that the store had.  There were some people still waiting for books.  I am sorry they will have to wait for more to arrive, but I will be more than happy to sign them.

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Interviewed by John Ferak

I was interviewed recently about my book by John Ferak, noted true crime author and journalist.  His book , Bloody Lies, is due out later this year.

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Reviews are Positive!!

The first reviews of Hauptmann's Ladder: A Step-by-Step Analysis of the Lindbergh Kidnapping are very positive.  Here are some excerpts:

"This book is the gold standard of investigative historical crime research." -- Burl Barer -- Edgar Award winning author, radio personality, and literary historian.

"Hauptmann's Ladder should be considered the definitive examination of the Lindbergh case.  It manages to be both a clear, well-paced, highly readable retelling of the familiar (but perennially fascinating) story and a particularly cogent consideration of the vast trove of evidence surrounding the subject.  Anyone interested in the case will find it deeply compelling."  -- Harold Schechter, noted true crime author and the director of the true crime series at KSU Press

"Richard Cahill's Hauptmann's Ladder is written with precision and fairness." -- Albert Borowitz -- author of Musical Mysteries: From Mozart to John Lennon

"The tone of Cahill's book is quite straight forward and he presents the facts in a dispassionate way, basically following events in chronological order.  From time to time, he exhibits a dry sense of humor and display of common sense, which is refreshing, as he demolishes some (most) of the cherished myths long exploited by those who believe that Hauptmann was framed or railroaded . . .All fans of the LKC(Lindbergh kidnapping case) will enjoy this book . . ."  -- Allen Koenigsberg, noted Lindbergh researcher and moderator of 

"If you've ever had any questions about this case or are just plain interested in it, I urge you to buy this book.  I can safely say it is one of the best true crime books I have ever read.  Sure to satisfy history, true crime, and mystery readers alike." -- "Rassnio", moderator of

"Superb examination of the Lindbergh kidnapping case . . . If you are interested in true crime, famous cases, or Lindbergh in general, this is a must read.  Highly recommended." --   "Book Fanatic"  Amazon Top 500 Reviewer and Vine Voice

"An excellent treatment of the Crime of the 20th Century, the kidnapping of Charles and Anne Lindbergh's first son in 1932.  If you read only one book about the kidnapping, I would make it this one.  If you have already read about the crime and have questions about the circumstantial evidence, you really would enjoy this book.  Well written, with serious discussions of the arguments, both pro and con, as to whether Bruno Richard Hauptmann was guilty." -- "Walt",

"It is the best, most even-handed treatment I have ever read about the LKC (Lindbergh kidnapping case).  I would highly recommend it to anyone who wanted to learn about the case." -- George R. "Bob" Dekle (Retired prosecutor and Director of the Criminal Prosecution Clinic and Assistant Director of the Criminal Justice Center for the University of Florida --

Saturday, March 1, 2014

82 years

Today, March 1, 2014, is the 82nd anniversary of the Lindbergh Kidnapping.